Moon Cloud Cover Mattress Topper Review

The Moon Cloud Cover Mattress Topper
The Moon Cloud Cover Mattress Topper is a mattress topper designed to cradle and support by contouring to your body.

The Moon Cloud Cover Mattress Topper is 4″ thick, and is made using foam and synthetic down alternative fibers. Unlike conventional topper pads, the inside is filled with small cubes of memory foam, rather than slabs of foam.

It fits mattresses up to 15″ tall, and is available in queen or king sizes. Known for their innovative bean bag style chair, the company ported their technology over to the bedding market.

I tested a king size sample of the Moon Pod Cloud Cover on top of a Tempur-Pedic Celebrity memory foam mattress, sleeping on it for seven consecutive days.

Test And Review Results: Moon Cloud Cover Mattress Topper

Inside The Moon Cloud Cover Mattress Topper.

I’ve reviewed many memory foam and gel foam topper pads and one thing I’ve noticed in all of them are hotspots and pressure points as you bottom out into them.

The Moon Cloud Cover Mattress Topper was designed to provide a floating sensation which distributes weight to the side rather than downwards.

The “diced” cubes of 3 lb. density memory foam are about 1/2″ wide, and are immersed within the spun microfiber quilt material.

A handful of the components squeezes down easily when compressed and slowly springs back. In a king size, there are 42 panel measuring 12″x12″ each to prevent migration of contents.

The workmanship is excellent, and along the outer edges there appears to be double stitching in the even you snag the topper while moving it around.

The Moon Cloud Cover Mattress Topper can be spot cleaned, but cannot be machine washed or dry cleaned.

Performance And Comparisons To Conventional Topper Pads

Compared to traditional topper pad options, this topper delivers a pillow top kind of feel, but offering a much deeper and immersive sensation. Each quilted panel is 4″ tall, and is made with Certi-Pur® certified foams that are VOC, formaldehyde, and heavy metal free.

I found the topper to be best for back sleepers, though I tend to move from one side from the other and while on my side during the night, and didn’t feel the need to tuck pillows alongside to keep myself steady.

Conventional topper pad with “smooth top” surface, vs. quilted construction.

Most topper pads that are found on the web, or in big box retail stores, are considered “smooth tops”, since they do not have a quilted encasement or pillow top style means of construction.

While pretty good at relieving pressure, they are not great if you tend to toss and turn, as they don’t help stabilize restless sleepers by cradling or containing your body.

Even if you prefer a firmer mattress overall (my Tempur-Pedic falls about a 7 out of 10), you will still feel the mattress underneath without sacrificing loss of support or firmness.

According to the designers of The Moon Cloud Cover Mattress Topper, the product is meant to integrate in with your existing mattress without sacrificing preferences.

Another benefit I noticed was arm and leg support. If you are a dangler, and outstretch your limbs away from your body, you might be a good fit.

I noticed reduced numbness in my limbs, especially my arms, and did seem to sleep 15-20% longer using The Moon Cloud Cover Mattress Topper.

After I removed it from my memory foam mattress, I experienced a 1-2 night withdrawal period where I tossed and turned a bit.

Each panel measures 12″ x 12″, and is 4″ tall, providing support without bottoming out.

If you’ve purchased a memory foam, hybrid, latex, or a conventional innerspring mattress and you feel like you could use a slightly softer feel up top, this topper is a great option.

For hot sleepers, it is surprisingly cool also. I tested The Moon Cloud Cover Mattress Topper using digital temperature probes, and noticed a differential of 5-8°F increase when I placed it under the topper but on top of the mattress, after 45 minutes of full body contact while on my back.

This was likely due to the insulative qualities of the down alternative fiber inside the topper, and the highly breathable exterior fabric used on the outer encasement.