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Fake Mattress Reviews And Getting Scammed- Beware!


No one wants to drag themselves to the local mattress mega-retailer and spend Saturday schlepping around a showroom while being followed around by the sales guy with black gauges in his ear lobes the size of saucers who hovers over you as you try out each-and-every mattress. A mattress that seems comfy enough, even though you have absolutely no clue about what’s inside the thing, how long it will last, how many people really love it, and on and on. Strangely, all of the mattresses on the showroom floor kind of feel the same. Why is that?

Yeah, you can probably find two or three that feel comfortable, and they would probably work, but how do you get it back to the store if you don’t like it? Do you get a trial period to test it out? Is this price really the best deal? Should I just go online and order a bed so I don’t have to deal with this guy any longer? The answer is, yes. What are you thinking??


Maybe you end up giving in and abandon all hope, kind of like when you are shopping for a car, and it’s 3pm and you say, let’s just do it. “ I want to get out of here”. You buy the ‘DreamFoam Gel-Soy-Bamboo Wonder Coil Hybrid” with the “Fair Trade Avocado Fiber Luxe Plush Top” and Todd the 19 year old sales guy gives you a free mattress protector just in case you “have an accident”, and you go home. Todd finances you for 7 years and the monthly payment is only $79 a month.

Fantastic. Guess what? You’ve just had your ass kicked by the mattress industry. If you purchase a bed, that let’s say cost $1,500, and you finance it, you’re likely paying another $500 on top of the mattress itself in interest. We say, set aside $1,000 and buy a bed online, and do not finance it.

Buy A Mattress Online. It’s Proven, It’s Easy, It’s Less Expensive, And You’re Going To Get A Quality Bed.

In the last five years, dozens of companies offering “bed in a box” type mattresses that are delivered directly to your door have dominated the bedding business, and for good reason. Buying a mattress eliminates every aspect of the hassle factor when attempting to purchase one of the most important products of your life. More than ever, getting a decent night’s sleep is or should be a high priority in our work/life equation, and with more and more research demonstrating that poor sleep can have life altering consequences, buying a bed that fits your sleep profile is really important.


Of course, most people have absolutely no clue where to start looking when shopping for a mattress, and typically start nosing around online, or immediately head straight for the sites who advertise incessantly and follow us around on social media day in, day out. Because of the popularity of a few brands, friends and family may nudge you to buy the mattress they have purchased.

If you’ve already done the brick and mortar retail experience, you already know that mattresses are overpriced, they all sort of feel the same, and with fifty choices on the salesroom floor, you’ll likely walk out with a migraine and a pile of brochures, frustrated and promising yourself you’ll never go back.

Buying a mattress online is really easy, reliable, proven, and fun. First of all, we recommend a few things. If you’re looking for a competitively priced bed, stick with a foam mattress, that is a bed constructed of various laminated layers of specialized foam like polyurethane foam, memory or gel foam, and natural latex. Often, the best “cake mix” for a great “bed in a box” is an orderly composition of firmer support foam on the bottom, a memory foam layer, and a latex layer, wrapped in a breathable fabric exterior like bamboo fiber, organic cotton, or Tencel, a natural fiber with a little Rayon in it that sleeps cool.

Regardless of where you buy your foam mattress online, they are all going to feel fairly similar, trust us, and you should be able to buy a decent queen sized mattress for around $950 or so. There are general guidelines for firmness, so a trip to the retail store just to get an idea of the level of cushiness you need might be a good idea. A recon mission, of sorts.

In addition, you’re going to find that because of the fierce competition online, you’ll get a no questions asked trial period of 90 days or more that entitles you to a full refund and free returns,  a great warranty of 10-15 years, delightful customer service, and a few freebies, if you chat online with a sales agent and squeeze them a bit. We’ve done this with a few of the major online stores, and ended up getting free sheets, pillows, and a mattress protector thrown into the deal. Ask and you will receive, when it comes to buying a bed online.

Watch Out For Fake Reviews On So-Called “Mattress Review Sites”

Along with the proliferation of “bed in a box” mattress companies rapidly exploding online, there is also a huge number of so called “mattress review” sites. Our site, and its sister site,, were the first of the true mattress reviews and consumer education sites that provided real time advice and information on how to find the perfect mattress. We fist launched this site in 2007. Most of the “review” sites that you will find now, have only been around since 2013-2014, and are largely built on profit sharing affiliate marketing deals cut with the mattress retailers.


Almost always, when you Google “mattress reviews” and find the first two pages cluttered with these sites providing what appears to be third party opinions and reviews about various mattress products and then conveniently linking you to their sites, the owners of many of these review platforms are getting HUGE kickbacks from the retailers, and therefore, to drive commissions, hype their reviews with completely false or misleading information. Of course, not all of these sites are intentionally misleading consumers, in fact, any of them are legitimate and actually do receive mattresses and evaluate them.

Sadly, that brings us to the worst part about most of the fake review sites out there. In almost all cases, the review sites are owned by software or marketing types who are not seasoned mattress industry veterans. Our site for example, is operated by bedding industry CEO’s and have worked in the design and engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and fulfillment side of the business, in the trenches, for decades.

The reviews you will likely read regarding many of the mattresses out there, are merely based on opinions that don’t incorporate technical information in them, for example, why one kind of polyurethane foam is softer, why blended latex is better, or which memory foam density is better for people with back or neck problems, something that is commonly discussed on our site. You’ll get plenty of pictures of bowling balls or kettle bells mashing down a piece of foam or a mattress, but what does that really tell you? Unfortunately, not much.

Also, you can waste hours of time reading fake reviews on sites that tout one mattress over the other, show endless graphs and charts, and offering painful, longwinded videos of guys sitting on the edge of mattresses and telling you in completely non-technical language why you should spend $1,200 on a particular bed. Instead, we recommend finding third party sites that offer technical information about various types of mattresses, why certain components offer different levels of comfort and support, and limiting your options to a few good candidates, rather than sorting through dozens and dozens of options. Consider companies that you may not have heard of before, because many smaller companies are often more fussy and particular, may even bench build their mattresses in smaller production facilities rather than huge third party fabrication centers, and tend to be easier to contact by phone or chat.

Take a look at our Where To Buy page, and see how we have whittled down, in very technical fashion, hundreds of options to virtually a handful of choices, including foam hybrid beds, coil and foam, memory foam, latex, and even alternative bedding such as copper infused and magnetic therapy bedding.  


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