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Return Policies- Are they All The Same?

 Not all Return Policies are the Same

Questions You Should Be Asking

If you aren’t satisfied with the mattress, do you have to ship it back yourself or will they pick it up? Is there a cap on your return costs, and can you get it in writing?

Hopefully you’ll choose the right latex mattress the first time around, and will sleep happily ever after. But what if you don’t? What are your return options? What are your return costs? Will the company tell you up front? How many days do you have to try the mattress (60 days is acceptable, 90 would be better)?

Does the company have a comfort exchange policy or is your only solution to send the mattress back? Will the company come and pick up the mattress or are you responsible for shipping it back to the company? Many companies tell you they will “take the mattress back” within a certain time period, but fail to mention that it’s up to you to get it there. It typically costs $300-$475 to ship a used mattress one-way across the country.

Are you responsible for just the return shipping or the shipping costs both ways? Is there a cap on what those costs are? What does “like new condition” really mean, and is it possible to be in “like new condition” after sleeping on it for 30 nights?

Read the fine print, as what seems too good to be true, usually is. There’s an old adage, “What the bold print giveth, the fine print taketh away”. While you should never expect a complete refund if you damaged a mattress you’re returning, look for fine print that leaves the amount of your refund to the discretion of the company, as there have been many occasions where customers are charged hundreds of dollars because of ordinary use being claimed as mattress damage. Expect to pay something for returning a mattress. Anything that promises otherwise might be too good to be true.

Read the fine print of the return policy. If the return policy is vague or can be interpreted more than one way, inquire and get it in writing before making your purchase.


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